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PhD Researcher in Local Development (RSA-UOFS)
MSc - Master in Economics and Policy analyst

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UNDP Mozambique
Kenneth Kaunda Ave. 931
Maputo - Mozambique

University Of the Free State – South Africa: Policies & Development Studies: Local Development
§ Decentralized and participatory local development
§ Agriculture Economics & Development Studies
§ Rural & Community Development (CBOs ad NGOs)
§ Strategic development Planning (participatory planning and budgeting)
§ Decentralization and Local Governance (Public and civil sector)
§ Local development, Participation and Accountability
§ Monitoring and evaluation of development programme at district level

Agriculture Development Program - UEM - Maputo
§ Economic Development and Rural transformation & Development
§ Research and policy analysis on agricultural economics and rural development
§ Econometric data analysis and Quantitative Efficiency analysis
§ Macroeconomic, Econometric & Policy Analysis
§ Quantitative methods for Economic and social analysis
§ Natural resources Management

1999 - GRADUATE IN ECONOMICS - Eduardo Mondlane University
Graduate in Economics -
Development Economist
B.A., Economics - Accounting and Financial

Post Graduate Certificates:

(i)Principles of Business and Management - Wits Business School - RSA (ii) Strategic Planning And management - Sweden (iii) Marketing management - Wits Business School (iv) Projects management - Wits Business School-RSA4. Graduate in Economics:Policies and Development Strategies - Economics Faculty5. Under Graduate: (i) Sustainable development, (ii) Sociology and Relationship

Experience as Teacher/Leaturing

1997:Healthy Science Institute - Administration course; 1999/2000: Finance, Planning and Management short term course;
2000- 2001: Eduardo Mondlane University - Agriculture Economics/Economics Faculty and Agronomy and Forestry Engeneering.* Polices and Development Strategies* Agriculture and Rural development* Agrarian Planning and management

Experience as Consultant
1996: Viability Study project and LINk-NGO - Forum - Capacity 21 project/Sustainable Development Project1997:Fishers Promotion Funds (Fundo de Fomento Pesqueiro - Development study and Financial report(1994/1997).
2000: Mussa Bin Bique University -Nampula/Accounting and Management Faculty* Curricular study of Accounting and Management Course.
2001: Engineering, Consultants and Services - Senior Management and Financial Consultant.* Viability and projects studies * Development projects* Strategic plans* Marketing* Institutional reform and development
2001: Strategic Plan (Justice Ministry 2002- 2006)

Professional and administrative Experience

2004: UNCDF - United Nations Capital Development Fund: Programme Specialist - Decentralization, Governance and Local Development. UNCDF Mozambique Country team Leader.
Decentralization & Local governance
Participatory Governance & Local Development

· Decentralization & Local Governance UNCDF/UNDP focal point
· Participatory Planning & Financing Programme
· Local Governance Reform and Community development
· National and sub-national MDGs based Capacity Development
· Portfolio ands Projects Management
· Policy Support (Strategic Planning in Gaza Province)
· Research and Policy dialogue
· Strategic Partnership and Resource mobilization

Strategic Programming (PRSP, UNDAF, CPD, CPAP)
Local Economic Development framework (integrated framework)
Participatory Project -identification, -planning and –steering
Accountability and Participatory Impact Monitoring and Evaluation (including system development)
Change Management and Organisational Development
Training in participatory planning, project design, monitoring

Thematic focus
National and Sub-national institutional focus: Institutional development of subnational government and community institutions and of their inter-relations, in a selected area.
Innovation in practice and procedures: Procedures and practices for local planning and budgeting, procurement, implementation, management and monitoring and – overall – for the enhancement the effectiveness, efficiency and accountability of local bodies in poverty reduction-related activities
Performance-linked funding facility: Providing local governments with a development budget support facility allowing regular, transparent and sustainable allocations to local bodies
Policy impact and Replication: Assist both the regulatory framework reforms and the implementation of national policy in decentralization and local governance, fiscal decentralization and local service delivery, and local public sector.
Effective capacity building: Capacity of sub-national governments to plan pro-poor service delivery, as well as to implement and monitor them, and assess local development policies and strategies.

1997: Ministry Of Agriculture and Rural Development

  • Head Of Planning and Monitoring Department

  • Proagri Coordinator (Land Cadastre Sub-component)

  • Institutional Development and Reform

  • R&D (Research and Development ) Co-ordinator

  • Planning and Coordination and Internal Auditing

  • Implemented training course


Massuanganhe, I.J, (WORKING PAPER # 1) Implication of Direct Budget Support to Development Programmes, November 2004, Maputo

Massuanganhe, I.J, (WORKING PAPER # 3) Decentralizing Natural Resources Management In Mozambique, December 2004, Maputo

Massuanganhe, I.J, Notes for Decentralization Policy and Strategy in Mozambique, August 2004, Maputo

Massuanganhe, I.J, (WORKING PAPER # 4) Participatory Monitoring and evaluation systems at district level, March 2005, Maputo

Massuanganhe, I.J, (WORKING PAPER # 5) Decentralization and District Development: Participatory & Multi-sectoral framework addressed to MDGs., July 2005, Maputo

Massuanganhe, I.J, (WORKING PAPER # 6) Modeling PRSP and Poverty Reduction in Mozambique: Econometric Analysis of factors determining MDGs., November 2005, Maputo

Massuanganhe, I.J "BUILDING SUSTAINABLE LOCAL DEVELOPMENT THROUGH PARTICIPATORY GOVERNANCE AND SUB-NATIONAL CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT" – International Conference on "Citizens & Governance for Sustainable Development" (CIGSUD, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Academic and professional Interests:
My academic research interests include: Agriculture and Rural Development, Policy & development Strategies, Decentralization and Local governance, Local Economic Development, Governance management and participatory planning, Community Development & Consultation, institutional Capacity Building; Reform; aspects of poverty reduction, Economy of development, Investment & financial project analysis , Microfinance & financing small scale enterprises (SMEs), Rural and District Finances, Public Policies and Local administration, Trade & globalization, international trade & economic relations, regional integration in Southern Africa.
Specialist Skills: extensive experience in field research, rural and local development, Agricultural Development and Project management, with the use of a multi-disciplinary approach and Research Applied methodologies; leading multi-disciplinary consultancy teams.

Israel Jacob MAssuanganhe

UNCDF/UNDP Programme Specialist Governance/Decentralization and Local Development Email:

Phone: +258 21 481475

Mobile: +258 82 3045610

Fax: + 258 21 491 691

Kenneth Kaunda Ave. 931

UNDP Mozambique Maputo